Why Leviatan?

Although we know the meaning of the word Leviathan as referred to in the Old Testament (Psalm 74: 13-14), namely the biblical sea creature, our choice was not based on this perception of the word in question. Choosing the company name originated in the symbolism of the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes’ main work, Leviathan. Incapable to indefinitely rely on their individual powers for ensuring durability and contentment, Hobbes theorized the idea that people unite in creating a group ("Commonwealth"). Thus, this group, as a whole, embodies a network of associated contracts and it becomes the highest form of social organization. In Hobbes's view, the creation of this unit creates a new artificial entity (Leviathan) which is entrusted with all the responsibilities concerning the social order and the public welfare. So, in the context of the modern world in which we live and operate, and by assuming the English philosopher’s idea, we went further on with the metaphor, transforming this image into that of a complex economic construction that can comprise all fields that we modeslty aspire to cover.


Since 05/23/2014, Leviatan Design is a registered trademark.
Leviatan Design is a AICPS member. (Association of Structural Design Engineers)
Leviatan Design has the following certifications:
Certificate no. M.44.3 / ISO 14001:2005 18.03.2015 – 13.03.2016
Certificate no. C.62.3 / ISO 9001:2008 18.03.2015 – 13.03.2016