Structural Design
Leviatan Design is a Romanian company, created to provide valuable design services to its clients regarding:
Industrial constructions
- Industrial buildings - metal or reinforced concrete for production and/or storage; company headquarters - with/without production spaces; showroom sites and other types of buildings and industrial building structures.
Civil constructions
- Family housing; blocks of flats; schools; gyms; office buildings; shopping centers and other types of buildings and civil building structures.
Agricultural buildings
- Livestock halls; agricultural production halls; warehouse storages for agricultural products.
Special constructions
- metal walkways; bunkers; silos; poles; towers; other types of buildings and special construction structures.
Our design services are addressed to both individual and legal persons, architects and also to design offices in order to collaborate.
The construction design is a complex process that relies on the harmonious cooperation of several disciplines in order to achieve a finished product - Tehnical project.
The tehnical project is a synergy of specialities, visions, peoples and experience which must meet a multitude of requirements, such as Beneficiary's requirements, legal, technological, aesthetisc and funtional requirements, of strength and reliability, operating safety and in case of special situations, economical efficiency in execution phase and further in operation phase. Designing is the intelligence of your investment!
Specialities underlying the project are many and various depending on the complexity and requirements of the project, and the main ones, that must not lack from the content framework of the project are:
- Arhitecture - concept, style, form, aesthetics, funtcion, efficiency, landscape;
- Structure - safety, reliability, efficiency, durability, reliance;
- Geotechnical - emplacement, scaffolding, strength, efficiency, durability;
- Pluming - comfort, operation, range, micro-system, efficiency;
- Interior design - style, ambience, texture, shape, light, color, sound, personality.