Leviatan Design provides specialized engineering services consisting in the development of technical expertise for civil, industrial, agricultural constructions and historical monuments.

The technical expertise is a complex process with a clear purpose requested by the customer, which treats the property as a system conditioned on the environment and time actions, and on various operating and maintenance terms.

This process consists of gathering data about the history of the building, surveys and field measurements to establish the constructive system and the behavior in time, to reveal the damages and analyze the causes, to simulate the computerized structural model, to integrate and interpret the data for drawing conclusions and porpose solutions for intervetions to fulfill both customer requirements and also to BRING THE BUILDING PERFORMANCE LEVELS CONSIDERED TO DESIGN NEW CONSTRUCTIONS.

Types of technical documents prepared by our team:

- Technical expertise to assess the level of protection against seismic and gravity loads.

- Technical expertise for repair works (consolidations, extensions, multi-layering, recompartment, accessions turbot).

- Technical expertise to abolish construction.