HOSPICE Semi-Basement+GF+F+L
Campulung Moldovenesc
HOSPICE Semi-Basement+GF+F+L
Year of construction : 1956
No. of levels: Semi-Basement+GF+F+L
No. of flats : N/A
Level height: 4,67 at the semi-basement, 3,20 at the ground floor ,  3,20m at the floor and  3,00 at the loft  ;
Build area: 424 sqm
Total build area : 1583 sqm
Number of sections: 1- I2
Structural system: simple masonry without reinforcement, made of  plain pressed brick without pillars and slabs of reinforced concrete  12cm thick, supported by the walls through belts and secondary beams, the roof is the wooden framework  type.