Premier Palace Hotel&Spa 5* Bucharest


     The project is one of wide scope and it developed during its journey. The work began in 2009 and it started with the consolidation and height increasing of an already existing building with 3 levels. The assembly has at this point 7 structures with specific functions. Due to a high level of exigency of the beneficiary the management team required the building of several functional and operational facilities in order to offer a complete range of services to the customer at a very high level of quality. Thus we have the following facilities: hotel, business lounge, conference rooms, wellness & spa, restaurant for events, all of them at current standard levels and with a unique design. The spaces were designed to function as well as complementary parts for the requirements of the most pretentious customers but also independently.
      From the point of view of the design work there were multiple challenges in order to achieve the coordination between the architectural, structural and HVAC design and the operational requirements of the management team after the hotel opening. The development of the requirements during the execution led to the necessity of designing and redesigning in an alert rhythm simultaneously with the coordination of the execution. From the structural point of view there is the consolidation and height increase with foundation consolidation, extension of the main structure with 5 other structures, one of them on metallic skeleton connected by sliding conjunction to the concrete structure and the rest of them made of concrete with annexation to the dead wall and consolidations of current level. Also there were used structures of lamellar wood from the beams of 16 m lengths with an opening of 12 m and a corbel piece of 4 m up to the arch of lamellar wood with an opening of approximately 22 m under which there is a multi-stage pool located annexed to the spa area. 
     The project represents an emblematic work for the initiative and courage of the Romanian investors but also for the design and execution team.