Underground Shelter
- functions: garage, offices, warehouse, server room.
- no. of existing floors: Basement- semi-buried. The level height is   hoffices=4.10m, hgarages= 4.35;
- type of the structure: the supporting structure is made of reinforced concrete precast walls on the perimeter  (“T” shape chaissons 60cm wide and the core of  26cm, 10cm thick);
On the entrance, the structure is made of reinforced concrete blocks with pillars of  30x30cm and beams of 30x50cm; 
- platforms: the slabs are made of precast bands with holes, of reinforced concrete 19cm thick. The slabs are supported by the walls through corbels of 20cm height;
- foundations: continuous of simple concrete under walls with foundation belt  30 cm height;
The precast walls have a continuous foundation glass type with monolithization, 70cm wide and  90 cm depth from the level of the basement finished floor.  
- finishing: ordinary;
- appliances: ordinary;
- roof: terrace with two layers of waterproofing and a 50 cm earth layer;